class S1SensorMode(value)[source]#

Bases: ListEnum

S1 sensor mode. Take a look here: https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/user-guides/sentinel-1-sar/acquisition-modes

The primary conflict-free modes are IW, with VV+VH polarisation over land, and WV, with VV polarisation, over open ocean. EW mode is primarily used for wide area coastal monitoring including ship traffic, oil spill and sea-ice monitoring. SM mode is only used for small islands and on request for extraordinary events such as emergency management.

EW = 'EW'#

Extra-Wide swath (EW)

IW = 'IW'#

Interferometric Wide swath (IW)

SM = 'SM'#

Stripmap (SM)

WV = 'WV'#

Wave (WV) -> single polarisation only (HH or VV)