class Vis1BandCombination(value)[source]#

Bases: ListEnum

band combination of Vision-1 data See vision-1-imagery-user-guide-20210217.pdf file for more information.

BUN = 'Bundle'#

BUN products provide both the 4-band multispectral, and the panchromatic data from the same acquisition in a single product package. Data is provided as 16-bit GeoTiffs with pixel sizes of 3.5m and 0.87m for MS and PAN data respectively.

MS4 = 'Multispectral'#

Blue, Green, Red and Near Infrared. The product pixel size is 3.5m.


The single multispectral product includes four multispectral (colour) bands

PAN = 'Panchromatic'#

The Vision-1 panchromatic product includes data contained within a single high- resolution black and white band. It covers wavelengths between 450 and 650nm within the visible spectrum. The product pixel size is 0.87m.

PSH = 'Pansharpened'#

Pansharpened products combine the spectral information of the four multispectral bands with the high-resolution detail provided within the panchromatic data, resulting in a single 0.87m colour product.