class Sv1ProductType(value)[source]#

Bases: ListEnum

This is the processing level of SuperView-1 data See file for more information.

Note: Stereo product are not handled.

L1B = 'Basic Product'#

Basic Products are radiometrically corrected and sensor corrected, but not geometrically corrected or projected to a plane using a map projection or datum. The sensor correction blends all pixels from all detectors into the synthetic array to form a single image. The main radiometric processing includes: - Relative radiometric response between detectors; - Correction of differences in sensitivity between the detectors;

The sensor corrections include: - Internal detector geometry; - Optical distortion correction; - Registration of the panchromatic and multispectral bands

L2A = 'Ortho Ready Standard Product'#

Ortho Ready Standard Products are radiometrically corrected, sensor corrected, and projected to a ellipsoid using current image mean elevation for each panchromatic and multispectral. All Ortho Ready Standard Products can have a uniform GSD throughout the entire product. The default projection is UTM projection. Ortho Ready Standard Products are available in panchromatic at 0.5 meters and multi-spectral bands at 2 meters. The radiometric corrections applied to the Ortho Ready Standard Product include relative radiometric response between detectors and non-responsive detectors. The sensor corrections include internal detector geometry, optical distortion, scan distortion, any line-rate variations, and registration of the panchromatic and multispectral bands. Geometric corrections remove spacecraft orbit position and attitude uncertainty, Earth rotation and curvature, and panoramic distortion.