class SarBand(eoreader_name, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: Band

SAR Band object. Based on STAC band object. See here for more information, without useless information.

__init__(eoreader_name, **kwargs)[source]#
update(**kwargs) Band#

Asset role, as described in the best-practices paragraph.


STAC common_name. The band’s common_name is the name that is commonly used to refer to that band’s spectral properties. None if not existing.


STAC description. Description to fully explain the band. CommonMark 0.29 syntax MAY be used for rich text representation.


Mapping between EOReader names and STAC common names


GSD of the band (in meters)


ID of the band, used to retrieve the band file or the band number in the stack.


STAC name. This is typically the name the data provider uses for the band. It should be treated like an ‘id’, to identify that a particular band used in several assets represents the same band (all the other fields should be the same as well). It is also recommended that clients use this name for display, potentially in conjunction with the common name.