Report issues#

Issue tracker: sertit/eoreader#issues

Please check that a similar issue does not already exist and include the following information in your post:

  • Describe what you expected to happen.

  • If possible, include a minimal reproducible example to help us identify the issue. This also helps check that the issue is not with your own code.

  • Describe what actually happened. Include the full traceback if there was an exception.

  • List your Python and EOReader versions. If possible, check if this issue is already fixed in the latest releases or the latest code in the repository.

Submit patches#

If you intend to contribute to EOReader source code:

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate -n eoreader
pre-commit install


pip install -r requirements.txt
pre-commit install

Note that to run the documentation, you have to add this step:

pip install -r requirements-doc.txt

We use pre-commit to run a suite of linters, formatters and pre-commit hooks (black, isort, flake8) to ensure the code base is homogeneously formatted and easier to read. It’s important that you install it, since we run the exact same hooks in the Continuous Integration.

For now, you won’t be able to run the test suite as we cannot provide an example of each product (some are licensed). We will take care of that for you. Please be sure that your code is running on Python 3.9+.

Release EOReader#

Releases are made by tagging a commit on the master branch. To make a new release,

  • Ensure you correctly updated and

  • Check that the version string in eoreader/ (the variable __version__) is correctly updated

  • Push your local master branch to remote.