class Sv1BandCombination(value)[source]#

Bases: ListEnum

Band combination of SuperView-1 data See file for more information.

PMS = 'Panchromatic and Multiple Spectral'#

The product is combined of panchromatic and multiple spectral bands. - Panchromatic (PAN): The product includes 1 band and is black and white, its ground sampling distance (GSD) is 50 cm; - Multiple Spectral (MUX): The product includes 4 bands that are Blue, Green, Red and Near-infrared. The ground sampling distance (GSD) is 2 meters.

PSH = 'Pansharpened'#

Pan-sharpened product combines the visual information of the multispectral data with the spatial information of the panchromatic data, resulting in a higher resolution color product. SuperView-1 pan-sharpen imagery products are offered as 4-band and stereo products. The GSD of a pan-sharpened product is 0.5 m. The Pan-sharpened product is delivered with geotiff format.