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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2021, SERTIT-ICube - France,
# This file is part of eoreader project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
""" Optical Bands """
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# pylint: disable=C0301
from import MutableMapping
from enum import unique
from typing import Union

from sertit.misc import ListEnum

from eoreader.exceptions import InvalidTypeError

class _Bands(MutableMapping):
    """Super bands class, used as a dict"""

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        self._band_map = dict()
        self.update(dict(*args, **kwargs))  # use the free update to set keys

    def __getitem__(self, key):
        return self._band_map[key]

    def __setitem__(self, key, value):
        self._band_map[key] = value

    def __delitem__(self, key):
        del self._band_map[key]

    def __iter__(self):
        return iter(self._band_map)

    def __len__(self):
        return len(self._band_map)

[docs]class BandNames(ListEnum): """Super class for band names, **do not use it**."""
[docs] @classmethod def from_list(cls, name_list: Union[list, str]) -> list: """ Get the band enums from list of band names .. code-block:: python >>> SarBandNames.from_list("VV") [<SarBandNames.VV: 'VV'>] Args: name_list (Union[list, str]): List of names Returns: list: List of enums """ if not isinstance(name_list, list): name_list = [name_list] try: band_names = [cls(name) for name in name_list] except ValueError as ex: raise InvalidTypeError( f"Band names ({name_list}) should be chosen among: {cls.list_names()}" ) from ex return band_names
[docs] @classmethod def to_value_list(cls, name_list: list = None) -> list: """ Get a list from the values of the bands .. code-block:: python >>> SarBandNames.to_name_list([SarBandNames.HV_DSPK, SarBandNames.VV]) ['HV_DSPK', 'VV'] >>> SarBandNames.to_name_list() ['VV', 'VV_DSPK', 'HH', 'HH_DSPK', 'VH', 'VH_DSPK', 'HV', 'HV_DSPK'] Args: name_list (list): List of band names Returns: list: List of band values """ if name_list: out_list = [] for key in name_list: if isinstance(key, str): out_list.append(getattr(cls, key).value) elif isinstance(key, cls): out_list.append(key.value) else: raise InvalidTypeError( "The list should either contain strings or SarBandNames" ) else: out_list = cls.list_values() return out_list
# ---------------------- SAR ----------------------
[docs]@unique class SarBandNames(BandNames): """SAR Band names""" VV = "VV" """ Vertical Transmit-Vertical Receive Polarisation """ VV_DSPK = "VV_DSPK" """ Vertical Transmit-Vertical Receive Polarisation Despeckled """ HH = "HH" """ Horizontal Transmit-Horizontal Receive Polarisation """ HH_DSPK = "HH_DSPK" """ Horizontal Transmit-Horizontal Receive Polarisation Despeckled """ VH = "VH" """ Vertical Transmit-Horizontal Receive Polarisation """ VH_DSPK = "VH_DSPK" """ Vertical Transmit-Horizontal Receive Polarisatio Despeckled """ HV = "HV" """ Horizontal Transmit-Vertical Receive Polarisation """ HV_DSPK = "HV_DSPK" """ Horizontal Transmit-Vertical Receive Polarisation Despeckled """
[docs] @classmethod def corresponding_despeckle(cls, band: "SarBandNames"): """ Corresponding despeckled band. .. code-block:: python >>> SarBandNames.corresponding_despeckle(SarBandNames.VV) <SarBandNames.VV_DSPK: 'VV_DSPK'> >>> SarBandNames.corresponding_despeckle(SarBandNames.VV_DSPK) <SarBandNames.VV_DSPK: 'VV_DSPK'> Args: band (SarBandNames): Noisy (speckle) band Returns: SarBandNames: Despeckled band """ if cls.is_despeckle(band): dspk = band else: dspk = cls.from_value(f"{}_DSPK") return dspk
[docs] @classmethod def corresponding_speckle(cls, band: "SarBandNames"): """ Corresponding speckle (noisy) band. .. code-block:: python >>> SarBandNames.corresponding_speckle(SarBandNames.VV) <SarBandNames.VV: 'VV'> >>> SarBandNames.corresponding_speckle(SarBandNames.VV_DSPK) <SarBandNames.VV: 'VV'> Args: band (SarBandNames): Noisy (speckle) band Returns: SarBandNames: Despeckled band """ return cls.from_value(f"{[:2]}")
[docs] @classmethod def is_despeckle(cls, band: "SarBandNames"): """ Returns True if the band corresponds to a despeckled one. .. code-block:: python >>> SarBandNames.is_despeckle(SarBandNames.VV) False >>> SarBandNames.is_despeckle(SarBandNames.VV_DSPK) True Args: band (SarBandNames): Band to test Returns: SarBandNames: Despeckled band """ """""" return "DSPK" in
# too many ancestors # pylint: disable=R0901
[docs]class SarBands(_Bands): """SAR bands class""" def __init__(self) -> None: super().__init__({band_name: band_name.value for band_name in SarBandNames})
# ---------------------- OPTICAL ----------------------
[docs]class OpticalBandNames(BandNames): """ This class aims to regroup equivalent bands under the same nomenclature. Each products will set their band number in regard to their corresponding name. **Note**: The mapping is based on Sentinel-2 bands. Satellites can have not mapped bands (such as Sentinel-3) More information can be retrieved here: - `Overall comparison <>`_ - L8/S2: - `Resource 1 <>`_ - `Resource 2 <>`_ - `L4/L5, MSS-TM <>`_ - `All Landsats <>`_ - `S2 <>`_ - `S3 OLCI <>`_ - `S3 SLSTR <>`_ - `Index consistency <>`_ This classification allows index computation and algorithms to run without knowing the band nb of every satellite. If None, then the band does not exist for the satellite. """ CA = "COASTAL_AEROSOL" """Coastal aerosol""" BLUE = "BLUE" """Blue""" GREEN = "GREEN" """Green""" RED = "RED" """Red""" VRE_1 = "VEGETATION_RED_EDGE_1" """Vegetation red edge, Band 1""" VRE_2 = "VEGETATION_RED_EDGE_2" """Vegetation red edge, Band 2""" VRE_3 = "VEGETATION_RED_EDGE_3" """Vegetation red edge, Band 3""" NIR = "NIR" """NIR""" NARROW_NIR = "NARROW_NIR" """Narrow NIR""" WV = "WATER_VAPOUR" """Water vapour""" FAR_NIR = "FAR_NIR" """Far NIR""" SWIR_CIRRUS = "CIRRUS" """Cirrus""" SWIR_1 = "SWIR_1" """SWIR, Band 1""" SWIR_2 = "SWIR_2" """SWIR, Band 2""" MIR = "MIR" """MIR""" TIR_1 = "THERMAL_IR_1" """Thermal IR, Band 1""" TIR_2 = "THERMAL_IR_2" """Thermal IR, Band 2""" PAN = "PANCHROMATIC" """Panchromatic"""
# too many ancestors # pylint: disable=R0901
[docs]class OpticalBands(_Bands): """Optical bands class""" def __init__(self) -> None: super().__init__({band_name: None for band_name in OpticalBandNames})
[docs] def map_bands(self, band_map: dict) -> None: """ Mapping band names to specific satellite band numbers, as strings. .. code-block:: python >>> # Example for Sentinel-2 L1C data >>> ob = OpticalBands() >>> ob.map_bands({ CA: '01', BLUE: '02', GREEN: '03', RED: '04', VRE_1: '05', VRE_2: '06', VRE_3: '07', NIR: '08', NNIR: '8A', WV: '09', SWIR_1: '11', SWIR_2: '12' }) Args: band_map (dict): Band mapping as {OpticalBandNames: Band number for loading band} """ for band_name, band_nb in band_map.items(): if band_name not in self._band_map or not isinstance( band_name, OpticalBandNames ): raise InvalidTypeError( f"{band_name} should be an OpticalBandNames object" ) # Set number self._band_map[band_name] = band_nb
# ---------------------- DEM ----------------------
[docs]@unique class DemBandNames(BandNames): """DEM Band names""" DEM = "DEM" """ DEM """ SLOPE = "SLOPE" """ Slope """ HILLSHADE = "HILLSHADE" """ Hillshade """
# too many ancestors # pylint: disable=R0901
[docs]class DemBands(_Bands): """DEM bands class""" def __init__(self) -> None: super().__init__({band_name: band_name.value for band_name in DemBandNames})
# ---------------------- DEM ----------------------
[docs]@unique class CloudsBandNames(BandNames): """Clouds Band names""" RAW_CLOUDS = "RAW CLOUDS" """ Raw cloud raster (can be either QA raster, rasterized cloud vectors...) """ CLOUDS = "CLOUDS" """ Binary mask of clouds (High confidence) """ SHADOWS = "SHADOWS" """ Binary mask of shadows (High confidence) """ CIRRUS = "CIRRUS" """ Binary mask of cirrus (High confidence) """ ALL_CLOUDS = "ALL CLOUDS" """ All clouds (Including all high confidence clouds, shadows and cirrus) """
# too many ancestors # pylint: disable=R0901
[docs]class CloudsBands(_Bands): """Clouds bands class""" def __init__(self) -> None: super().__init__({band_name: band_name.value for band_name in CloudsBandNames})